Ohio’s first E.nopi Education Center
Enrichment Center

Imagine having the power to transform your child's life, to nurture healthy study habits, or to facilitate and prepare your child's fundamental skills to ensure self-confidence in his or her own skills! 

Now is the best time to develop your child’s problem solving skills by wisely investing your time and resources in the E.nopi Education Program!  E.nopi is the only program in the world which teaches both Basic and Critical Thinking skills, the very skills necessary for a lifetime of success!

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Here’s what people are saying about E.nopi !

  1. *Mrs. G. has done wonders with our daughter!

  2. *E.nopi Center Directors Mary Beth and Joe Golombek are fabulous – friendly and helpful!

  3. *E.nopi Beachwood Enrichment Center is bright and inviting.

  4. *E.nopi Beachwood is AWESOME!  FRESH!

  5. *We love E.nopi Beachwood.  We look forward to staying here!

  6. *E.nopi Beachwood is a great environment for learning and growing!

  7. *This is a wonderful Center and learning environment!

  8. *One word – FABULOUS!

  9. *The place is beautiful!  Great art work!  The Center is bright, warm, and inviting

We are now accepting reservations for a free E.nopi Assessment and Consultation for your child.  We are also currently enrolling students in classes.  There are a limited number of spaces still available to begin lessons immediately!  Call or email us for information.  

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Phone:  216.292.3667